Real Zig Zag Pattern Tiger Stripe Pants in good condition.

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It is a tiger stripe jacket in the Zig Zag pattern, which is said to have existed since the early days of the Vietnam War. It is a very rare item. The Zig Zag pattern is sometimes very fine and detailed in its camouflage pattern. The Zig Zag pattern is sometimes quite remarkable in this respect. Probably around the middle of the Vietnam War, for unknown reasons, Zig Zag pattern fabrics were circulating mainly in Koza and Kanatake, Okinawa, and are famous for being used in souvenirs and privately procured jackets. Although souvenirs are more famous, factory mass-produced pieces are very rare. We are also selling the jacket at the same time.

The color has faded to the same degree as the jacket. There are no major tear repairs, but the buttons on the buttocks pockets are missing. There are no cargo pockets, but rather two hand pockets similar to the US Army OG-107 utility pants. The hems have been cut but not treated and are frayed. They have a zipper fly and are fitted with YKK zippers. There is no size stamp and I am not sure if it has disappeared or was never there. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 35cm hip 53cm inseam 66cm

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