Real TO78 Okinawa Tiger TDD shirt, partially damaged, tiger stripe.

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This is an introduction of an real Tiger Stripe shirt, which is one of the famous Okinawa Tigers with a contract number of TO78. Some believe that it was made in Taiwan, but as far as the contract number of an bagged item with a contract number in the past is concerned, it is assumed that this unit was contracted in Japan. This is the same shirt as the Tiger Pattern, also known as TDD or Tadpole Dense among collectors. there is also a boonie hat with contract TO79, which we assume was made in Taiwan. In fact, it is possible that the fabric was printed in Japan and sewn in Taiwan due to differences in color and print.

Few photos have been confirmed of Tiger Stripes produced in the late Vietnam War and actually worn by U.S. soldiers, ARVN or CIDG soldiers. It is my guess that most of them were released as surplus in Okinawa, mainland Japan, or overseas, so I guess they are in Used condition. The overall color is faded. This is due to sun exposure and washing. There are no missing buttons and the fabric is strong enough to still be worn. Unfortunately, part of the lining side has been cut out. The size is stamped A-M. We have never seen a US cut or large size in this pattern in our store in the past. Although this is a late war Tiger, it is a beautiful shirt with a distinctive green base and a pattern that is also common to the Silver Tiger. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (stamp): A-M

Size (flat): Shoulder width 45 cm, body width 49 cm, length 65 cm, sleeve length 54 cm

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