Real ARVN ERDL Field Jacket, privately procured, patch retrofitted.

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This is an ARVN Airborne Soldier's ERDL Field Jacket. It is assumed to be a privately procured jacket that was converted into a field jacket by sewing a U.S. Army government-issued poncho liner onto the lining of a regular U.S. Army ERDL Fatigue Jacket. However, the patches on the arms and the name and qualification insignia on the chest have been retrofitted, so only the jacket is considered to have been worn during the war and the rest of the jacket is considered to be a restoration. Some of the patches are replicas. Although there is some wear on the collar and sleeves, overall the jacket is in very good condition and can still be enjoyed. The jacket has been modified with a YKK zipper to allow it to be used as a field jacket. The fabric has overall fading. The fabric used is ripstop, not poplin, and is probably from 1968 or later. It has some stains, but is generally in good condition and can be enjoyed during the fall and winter months. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: 45cm shoulder width, 56cm body width, 78cm length, sleeve length 62cm

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