Real 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket USAF patch has removal marks

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This is a real 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue jacket. It is the same cut as the later Jungle Fatigue jackets that used ripstop fabric, but the fabric used is poplin, which is considered rare due to the small number of pieces produced. This piece has a half sleeve custom, and as you can guess from the patch marks, it was originally worn by a USAF soldier. As such, it is in good condition with minimal fading. The pockets are creased and there are marks where the patches were removed. Custom short-sleeved fatigues were common at the time, but were most often done by Navy and Air Force soldiers and are very rare or almost unheard of in Special Forces, Army, and Marine Corps. Short-sleeved fatigues are very useful in the summer, so I think this is a piece that can be easily enjoyed for everyday use. There are no missing buttons and the item is in good condition. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (label): REGULAR-LARGE

Size (flat): Shoulder width 52cm Body width 65cm Length 80cm Sleeve length 22cm

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