Real 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket Non Ripstop with MACV Patch and Direct Embroidery Insignias

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This is an introduction of a 3rd Model real jungle fatigues. The fabric used is a non-ripstop poplin fabric, and is a rare item that existed for a time during the conversion period from 2nd to 4th. The patch with MACV is sewn on. The distinctive feature is that the airborne and rank insignia are directly embroidered. The patches have been restored with the same division, except for the branch tape, which was first applied. The name tape also shows signs of restoration and is probably different from the original name. The custom modification seen on officers and others is to install snap buttons on the edges of the breast pockets to prevent the edges from warping. Considering the direct embroidery, 3rd model, etc., this is a very rare fatigued jacket though it is a restored item. There is some fading with a slightly white impression overall. It has been stored for a long time and seems to have been stored as is after cleaning, giving it a slightly floppy impression. There are white stains and numerous spots on the sleeves. The jacket is sturdy and can still be enjoyed. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 43cm Body width 50cm Length 77cm Sleeve length 59cm

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