Real 1969 4th Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket, damaged, patch included.

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This is an actual 1969 4th Model jungle fatigued jacket. There is one button missing on the front button. Characteristically, epaulettes are sewn on the shoulders from later. In shape, it is similar to the 2nd model. There are no adjusters on the back or inner gas flap, so it is a modification of the 4th model. The patches are sewn on the MP (Military Police). The chest branch tape and name tape are locally made. However, there is a point where there is a sense of discomfort in places after the qualification badge has been removed, so please consider all patches as an afterthought. There is overall fading. Please consider it as a 4th model jungle fatigues jacket modified during the war. There is a hole on the back, so it is not in perfect condition. It can be said that the condition is still bearable to wear. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 44cm body width 49cm length 74cm sleeve length 56cm

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