Real 1965 USAF L-2B flight jacket, knit restored, zipper damaged.

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This is an actual 1965 USAF L-2B jacket. The knit has been restored and seems a bit stiff when reaching into the sleeves. The jacket itself is in good condition and was most likely used in this condition as there are no patches that have been removed. The lining is stained. Unfortunately, the zipper is damaged and has no slider. This is not a concern if you are going to wear the jacket without closing the front, but if you are going to wear it tightly, it needs to be repaired. Overall, the condition is poor, but a very good quality L-2B jacket from mid-1965 is very rare, so it can be used as a reference, sample, etc. Of course, it can be worn as a jacket, so it will be useful as outerwear around spring time. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 49cm Body width 59cm Length 55cm Sleeve length 53cm

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