Original Vintage Civilian Hunting Jacket Individual Leaf Camouflage Used

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This is a civilian leaf camouflage hunting jacket that was distributed in the United States during the Vietnam War. It is also called "Indivisual Leaf" camouflage clothing. It is made of cotton poplin, which was the actual fabric at that time and the fabric is thick. The camouflage print is a blotchy specification that blends in with the fabric, and the camouflage pattern is beautiful even when seen up close. The color is quite different from the U.S. Army ERDL. It was sold as hunting wear at the time, so it is not US military uniform. I think this item can be enjoyed as everyday wear or light airsoft game wear. The overall condition is good, but there are some noticeable scratches on the back. The label on the back of the neck is gone and has peeled off. There is some glue-like residue left after the label was removed and it is white. No buttons are missing. This item will be sold as used. Please note that returns are not possible. 
Size (flat): Shoulder width 52.5cm Body width 65cm Length 59cm Sleeve length 53cm (approximately XL size.)

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