Original late model jungle fatigues pants, ripstop fabric, 1967, used.

Only 1 left in stock!

We now have Original late model Jungle Fatigue Pants in stock. The fabric used is ripstop, a common fabric used in later lots. They were made in 1967 and still have the contract tag and size tag. Both the size tag and the contract tag are frayed. Overall, there is fading near the seams, giving the impression of white. The overall impression is slightly greenish with a touch of OD. There are some small holes in places that are damaged, but the condition is generally good. There is no significant damage that stands out with use. The buttons are also still in place. Please consider that this is an item that has been altered with a strap to tighten the hem, but this item has been hemmed and the form has been adjusted in some areas. There are also some marks on the shins where some alterations have been made. This is an actual product, but used goods, so we will be treated as a released goods, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: SMALL-REGULAR (waist: 39 cm, inseam: 64 cm).

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