OriginalSilver Tiger Children's Souvenirs Souvenirs made locally in South Vietnam came from VN Veteran

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This children's tiger stripe is made of silver tiger stripe original fabric, produced as a souvenir at Taylor in Saigon or other place in RVN during the Vietnam War. It was purchased from a VN Veteran and originally had name tape on it, but it has been removed. The patch is a full size 101st Airborne one sewn on and subdued. There is no Airborne insignia, only the CIB is attached. The lack of the Airborne insignia is interesting. The rank insignia of Major is sewn on both collars. The overall condition is good with some fading but no major damage. The buttons on the front are U.S. Army buttons, and the buttons on both breast pockets are different. Taylor tag is sewn on the collar. It is a gem with material value as a novelty of those days. This item is subject to the return policy for actual merchandise, so you can return it for a certain period of time and receive a refund. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please contact us for additional photos or questions about the item prior to purchase.

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