Real Gold Tiger Stripe Asian Cut Almost Unused Tiger Stripe Shirt

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This is an introduction to an real Gold Tiger Stripe shirt that can be said to be in almost unused condition. The pattern is called Gold Tiger Stripe or ADS. There are no buttons missing, but there are two buttons that have been repaired. The button on the left side pocket of the breast pocket is attached, although it is hard to confirm in the photo. The fabric and color are almost new at the time, but due to the repairs, it is considered a used shirt in almost unused condition, not a dead stock. The condition of the fabric is very good and the color is beautiful and you can see why it is called gold. However, there are some areas that have discolored due to age and sun exposure, so we cannot say that the color is perfectly of its time. The chest pocket is a hidden button and there are no bandage pockets on the arms. It is assumed that there were minor changes and modifications, probably due to different orders depending on usage and other factors. The condition is perfect and can still be worn. Gold Tiger is a very popular pattern, so if you like, why not take this opportunity? Almost unused, but will be treated as used goods. Please note that we cannot accept returns.

Size (stamp): A-L

Size (flat): Shoulder width 46cm Body width 48cm Length 66cm Sleeve length 53cm

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