Original U.S. Army MACV South Vietnam Ranger Advisor Full Set

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Advisor to the South Vietnamese Rangers (BDQ), a MACV affiliate, who served during the Vietnam War.
This is a real full set. Jacket, pants, and beret all released from the same veteran. The condition is very good and has only been worn a few times on base. The colors have hardly faded, so it is assumed that they have been washed only a few times. The beret is used to the extent that it is presumed to have been worn constantly.
The names of the servicemen who served can be seen on the jacket and not on the hat. It should be noted that the name tape, rank insignia, and qualification insignia are all directly embroidered. The workmanship is very clean and the quality is commensurate with the rank. Although the South Vietnamese Ranger Advisors are more numerous than the Marines. However, compared to the Marines, there are only a limited number of Ranger Advisors, and the best military personnel are selected for this purpose. It is said that it is very difficult to obtain a full set of releases from other than the original soldiers. Since cooperation and training with the local military is a very important part of the history of the Vietnam War I believe that this item is historically valuable as well.
We believe that it will become increasingly difficult to obtain such uniforms in the future.


Jacket: Small-Regular

Pants: Medium-Regular

Beret: 56-57

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