Original U.S. Army ERDL jungle fatigues, 1968 cotract, no size tag, stained.

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Introducing the 1968 ERDL Jungle Fatigue. The overall color has faded to the point where it feels white. There are some small holes on the back and front. There are stains like red spots on the back lining and front. The length is frayed and the condition feels used. The color of the pattern is mostly green, but the overall color has faded, so there are many areas that feel white. It will be a condition that can still be worn. There are minor scratches and small tears, so please understand before purchasing. Because it is vintage clothing, there is a possibility of unexpected damage in the middle of wearing, please understand and wear. This is an original product, but we will be treated as a used item and treated as a released product. Please understand that returns are not possible.

Size (flat): width 45cm shoulder width 55.5cm body width 73cm length Sleeve length 57cm

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