Original U.S. ERDL jungle fatigues, made in 1968, no size tag

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Introducing the 1968 ERDL Jungle Fatigue. The overall color has faded to the point where it feels white. The sleeves are frayed and fraying can be seen on the back edge of the collar. There is a sense of use to the extent that one can imagine that the garment was actually worn. There is a red stain on the back, which has stained through to the back. The color is a balanced fading of green and brown, so you can feel both colors. There are no major damages or repairs. It is in good condition and can still be worn. Because it is a vintage garment, please understand that there is a possibility of unexpected damage in the process of wearing it. This is an Original product, but will be treated as a used product and will be treated as a released product. Please understand that returns are not possible.
Size (flat): 42cm shoulder width 50cm body width 76cm length Sleeve length 57cm

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