Original U.S. Army ERDL Jungle fatigues pants, used, ripstop fabric, 1968 contract.

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We are pleased to present these original ERDL Jungle Fatigue Pants, 1968 contract lot, in overall condition with signs of use. The color is a strong green color, known as green-dominate. The color is called green-dominate, and it has a very high camouflage effect and was adopted during the Vietnam War. The condition has a sense of use. It has scratches and stains, so those who prefer mint condition will not be satisfied with this item. There is some fading, especially on the edges, to the point where the color seems white. The jacket and the pants are in different conditions, and I think it would be cool to wear them in different ways. This item will be sold as used. Please note that returns are not possible.

Size: 44 cm waist, 75 cm inseam (no adjustable straps at the hem)

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