Original U.S. Air Force Late Model Jungle Fatigue Short Sleeve Custom with Insignia 1969 Contract

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Introducing the late model Original jungle fatigues of the 1969 contract. It has the U.S. Air Force branch tape and Air Force Captain's insignia sewn on. This item has the custom short sleeves that were common in the Air Force at the time. The emblems are not incongruous and all of them are believed to be the first time they were attached. Unfortunately, the name tape has been removed and there is evidence of the removal of the square insignia at the chest. It is assumed that the South Vietnamese rank insignia was probably attached. The item is in good condition and has very little fading, so I think the fact that it was worn by an Air Force soldier and not an Army soldier may be the reason it has remained in this condition. The second button hole is partially broken at the top of the lock and has a tear. This is an actual item, but it will be treated as a released or used item and cannot be returned. Please understand that this is an actual item.


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