Original U.S. Air Force helmet bag, made in 1976, zipper closure not available, used.

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Introducing the 1976 U.S. Air Force Helmet Bag. This item has become rare in recent years. Unfortunately, the zipper works but cannot be opened or closed. The item is intended to be used in an open condition. Overall, the item is very used and has some stains. The lining is made of the same nylon fabric and polyester cotton as the poncho liner. The zipper is made of brass and the sewing has been simplified in some areas from the VN war. Generally, items that have been remade are the type with metal hooks from the 80s, but this is an early cut helmet bag from the 60s and 70s with no hooks attached. The parts and sewing are slightly different, but how about an alternative item during the VN war? This is an actual item, but will be sold as a released/used item. Please note that there are no returns.

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