Original set, US Army, 82nd Airborne Division, Ike Jacket Grouping Set, with military Record

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We are pleased to present a full set of Ike Jacket and other items from a former 82nd Airborne Division soldier with military history from paratroop drop at Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge. This item was previously provided by the family and comes with a file containing his photo, military papers, discharge papers, and other copies of his biographical information. He served in the Secret Service after the war. The set comes with oversheath cap, jacket (with rank, badge, abbreviations, etc.), pants, jump boots, and everything else shown in the photos. All items are from the same person and cannot be sold separately. Recently, the U.S. Army service uniforms have been updated and returned to their WWII type origin. Currently, a new service uniform based on this uniform is being worn. This is the original service uniform set from WWII. Documentation of your military service history will be available only to the next owner who purchases this item. The uniforms and caps are in very good condition, no tears or insect damage as far as I can tell. The jump boots are in good condition and in need of care. The laces are still attached as they were at the time, made of leather, and have not been tied as they have deteriorated and are in pristine condition. Unfortunately, the shirt and tie are not included. The actual shirt is being sold and can be attached free of charge if desired.In this way, the service uniforms and uniforms of the U.S. military at the time of WWII are very beautiful. I think they were both cool enough, considering that they were shoulder to shoulder with German POWs and the like. The military history of those who wore these uniforms is amazing, and this is a wonderful set to enjoy with its history. This is an item that I hope will be collected by someone who will cherish it. This item meets the return requirements for actual merchandise and can be returned for a certain period of time after purchase. Please contact us prior to purchase for additional photos and questions, which we will arrange promptly.

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