British Army USED M-85 Woodland DPM Field Jacket Combat Smock A Used

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This is an introduction of a DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) field jacket, which is a typical camouflage of the British Army.The official name is SMOCK COMBAT DPM. This jacket is made in the Woodland DPM pattern, which is available in two types: desert and woodland (forests, etc.).

It has a very functional construction, with a double-layered zipper and button front. There are four pockets on the front, a flap pocket on the liner, and pockets sewn into the sleeves. The waist can be adjusted with straps. The cuffs are velocroed for easy adjustment. The fabric is durable but not too thick, so this jacket can be used not only in the fall and spring but also in the winter.

The jacket is in the condition of British military release, so it is a used item. The size tag shows that the jacket has been worn for a long time. It is used clothing. This is a used item and cannot be returned.


Label: 180/104

Measurements on a flat surface: Shoulder width 50cm, Body width 57cm, Length 79cm, Sleeve length 65cm

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