British Army PTI Jacket Athletic Blouson White with Insignia

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This is a British Army PTI jacket. It is white in color with a distinctive colorful collar and hem. It has the Army's RAPTC instructor insignia sewn on it. This is an item that can be worn with DPM or as everyday light wear. It is an athletic wear, so it is made large. Made in China. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Since it is white, there are some stains like dirt stains that may go. You will need to take care of it.

There are Chinese made garments in British military items. This item is probably a PX item, but the contract number suggests that it is a recent item from the 2000s.

Size: Height 180/Chest 108

Measurements (flat on the floor):Shoulder width 60cm, Body width 69cm, Sleeve length 59cm, Length 68cm

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