British Army MTP Light Weight Water proof MVP Jacket Used B

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This is a lightweight waterproof jacket in MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern), the current camouflage of the British Army.

This camouflage pattern is similar to the U.S. Army's Multicam and OCP camouflage and was designed to provide camouflage effects in all terrains.

It is lightweight, but durable and affordable winter wear. Since it is designed to be operated with body armor, the pockets are attached to the arms. The neck is designed with fleece fabric for warmth. Overall, it is clean. It is a released item with no fading and little use. Zippers are employed under the armpits, which can be opened and closed to adjust body temperature. The color is slightly lighter than the photo. A fabric with a qualified checkered pattern like ripstop is used. It is a difference of lot and individual item.

There are various ways to utilize it such as daily use, outdoor, reproduction, etc. Please enjoy it in your favorite way of wearing. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: XL 190/100

Measurements (flat): Body width 68cm Sleeve length (from the tip of the sleeve to the center of the neck) 100cm Length 88cm

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