U.S. Army Night Camouflage Desert Parka, 1989, small size.

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This Desert Night camouflage parka was used by the U.S. Army and was made in 1989.

It has some signs of use overall, but is still in wearable condition. The camouflage was originally developed for desert use, but the checkered pattern is distinctive. The fabric is a slightly lighter cotton fabric used for combat uniforms. Nylon is mixed in. The shape is similar to the M51 Parka, with inner straps attached to the abdomen for adjustment. Since it is for desert use, there are no buttons for attaching a liner or the like. Hoodies are becoming a common item to see people wearing on the streets, but I have the impression that not many people are wearing the night camo. I think it will be active in the coming season for use in the game. Please enjoy! Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.


Measurements (flat): Shoulder width 43cm Body width 51cm Sleeve length 68cm Length 96cm

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